Sunday, November 1, 2009

To Bee or not to Bee

A tiny bee came in through the open window with a buzz and a grain of sunny yellow pollen on its back. The morning breeze had it landing awfully on to the dining table next to the window. Dazed, it shook its wings, folded them carelessly with one one wing still sticking out at an odd angle. It waddled through the spilled coffee on the table, stepped on to a paper napkin and left a small wet trail on it. I watched it carefully as I nudged my breakfast croissant away from the dazed invader on the napkin. Right next to the golden brown croissant, its black and yellow form was like a chef's quircky idea of a garnish. Its avionics doused with caffeine, wing-hinges out of order, it stopped right next to the lump of bread and did a funny lets-get-the-hell-outta-here dance. But the wings buzzed unsynchronised and sent it spiralling upside down from the napkin to the wooden table top. There it met with an ant who got all curious about this sudden commotion in the morning. The ant had to check what caused all that ruckus. But it didn't seem to have good intentions when it tried to tug a wing tip while the hapless bee was still lying belly up. After a brief tussle, the ant was sent packing to no-where land with a flip of a leg and the bee was back on its feet. And then suddenly, all challenges dealt with, it just took off from the table, circled my head, and went crashing head first into the window pane. In a moment, it was back on the table. Motionless. I suddenly felt like this rich nation watching two smaller countries fighting against each other. I got up. My eyes panned the floor and found another ant who was busy going no where. I picked it up and placed it next to the bee. In no time, the ant got to work. There he was, dragging an object 20 times larger and heavier than its body, over the table. It walked back wards with agility and purpose and in a few seconds it was straining to drag the bee over my croissant. When it almost half way through, I snapped my forefinger, sending the dragged and the dragger flying into the air.

Not on my fukin food.

I truly felt like a big nation now. Invitations are welcome from artists to design a flag for my nation. It should portray the following: "Power, animosity, dominance and dead bees".

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