Tuesday, April 8, 2008

close call

A story that didnt make it to my blog so far..

It was 11 March; a tuesday. I have been travelling to Dubai since sunday for my intermediate haccp certification. The trainer was Dr Pandiyan. He was a nice guy. Actually! Every sentence he uttered began & ended with "actually". My boss named him "Actual Pandiyan". If I take that as a clue, I should have named my boss "Regardless Naser"

Back to 11th of March. It has been unusually foggy here in the morning for the last few days. Today was exceptional.

We started by around 7 am. But on 11th, my boss was 10 minutes late. I cant complain. He does the driving and the conversation. Keeps him awake. Not me.

On the way we always stop at an adnoc station for gas, coffee. That day we didn't see the place. It was too foggy to even spot the gas station. Little later we realised that we had missed both the gas stations en route to Dubai. We were already late. The fog didnt help.

The traffic suddenly slowed. Unusual because there are no traffic lights on the highway until you reach Dubai. Suddenly there was this guy on the road waving and screaming in Arabic. The traffic came to a stand still. We suspected an accident. We were right. But totally wrong about the enormity of the incident. This is what happened...

"...a terrible crash involving more than 200 cars occurred in the 25km stretch of Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway near Ghantoot. The massive car pile-up was due to heavy fog lingering in the air. There were up to 25 cars in arson, leaving a death toll at least 6 persons so far and hundreds injured in what is known to be the country’s biggest vehicle crash in history..."

After the trafffic jams & diversions we were in Dubai 6 hours later. We came back in the evening and saw the debris still being cleaned away. It was BAD. We were glad we were back back in one piece. We were glad that we were late.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

9 am tales

9 am, sunday morning. Bad. First day of the week. Thats how it is here in UAE.We start on a sunday, heck.

It isn't summer yet but the sun is already scorching the window. I have my coffee, PC is on. Just like every one else I start by checking my email. I do it everyday, religiously. As if my freakin life depended on it.

12 mails today. One about insurance.They say if I dont make a move now,I would regret later. Cant say anything pleasant to a guy who doesnt have much to look forward to anyways? Then the usual info on viagra, homeloans & holidays in hawaii. If you are a guy close to 40, thats a tough choice to make; I mean which one to read first. Now; you just made a wild guess about my age, didnt ya? Thats where I would surprise you; I deleted all 3 mails.

There were another 6 mails from people I know. From those who think I can benefit from forwarded information. It was interesting. One was the picture of a few young Indian cricketers sneakin a peek on some female fan's underwear that peeked out at them. Come on guys; they are still guys!

8 more mails to go.One warned me that I would just roll over and die if I didnt forward some shit to another 12 unsuspecting victims. Then some 2 dozen photos from great locales around the world including Cochin. Got my aging PC wheezing under the load. But I got even with that guy. I send it back to him. Do unto others' PC what you want done for yours. (I know that sentence is wrong,..some where..)

The other mails were jokes,then some story about a guy who couldn't pee straight went on to become a Hollywood movie star, an invite from a certain "Kate" who saw my profile in some dating club & concluded that I looked hot. Geee....

One last mail from an old friend of mine inquiring if I was alive.I sent a mail back to him aying that it was an auto-generated response from my PC & he doesn't have to respond.

It is 9.45 am. I have a class at 10 am. I have to talk to my students about "Time management".

Next week I will talk about "How to nail spaghetti to the ceiling"

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