Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Orkut helped me relish that great feeling once again; to say hello to some people with whom I had lost touch completely. I also got introduced to a few new friends. Incidentally, there were a few other things I noticed about Orkut.

I could be in my early teens, doing my math home work at home, drinking pepsi & wondering when would those nasty braces leave my mouth. But to the world of orkuters, I am "Balding Beelzebub-farting sulphur". Those testimonials submitted by the ones who adore me, describe me as the hottest thing next to lava. I still wet my bed at night but my "about me" is steamy stuff & my hobbies/passions include walking with the dead & playing poker with them. My display pic will curdle your screams.

It would be a criminal waste of time for me to read newspapers but my "book list" has Alisdair McIntyre,GJ Warnock and a few other names that I dont understand. I am the member of 969 communities including "Baby-maker for hire", moderator for a few dozen and hey; I am just getting started !

The last time I ever contributed to any community was when I responded to some guy who explained in detail about what he would do to my wife if I continued saying "sup dude!" for no apparent reason. I stopped with my first response. My other friend sounded serious enough to be noticed, respected.

I scrap like ducks crap & forward stuff to others as if my bloomin life depended on it. When my dad cut my net connection for 1 week for absconding from math tuition, I informed the rest of the world that "Im away neutering dragons". When I got my PC back I let the world know so that they may sleep again.

I host intellectually stimulating polls that draw orkuters by truck loads. My "Barsoap-moist or slippery?" scored a record million hits! (and still counting!)

Next week I will be "Hellbent-not straight". The week after I shall be "Copperhead casanova". I have it all written down. I love Orkut. It's so cool dude! What say u?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

When it rains...

It rained here. Yes, it rained here. So? Folks back at home would yawn and say so much as a "So?". Alright, I am in uAE & here its NEWS. It sure did a few things anyways today morning.

When I reached my office, there was no power. I suddenly remembered that the signal lights just before our street were not working. Traffic cops were out & exercising their limbs. Come to think of it; they were such a stark contrast to our guys back at home. It seemed like these guys were enjoying it. To be the boss of the lights one day.

The cafeteria was a mess. There was rain water every where. When you build a house in the desert, storm water drainage is the last thing you think of.

One floor was out of power because rain water got into the electrical circuits and shorted out some where. The entire computer lab was down. Right outside the lobby, there was a mini pool. A group of pigeons were looking down from the roof, all confused. Even my boss was confused. But he beat them pegions convincingly in getting "the expression" correct. There were a 1000 leaks in the building.

A dozen accidents, flooded streets, road blocks, crawling traffic & to top it all, Mr Bush. Airport road was blocked all the way from the airport to the hotel.

Who knows?,may be some guy at the top of the rung thought it would be a cool idea to sprinkle some ammonium nitrate to make the day memorable. (just kidding)

He should have swallowed it....the idea I mean...

Red, Yellow and Stinky