Monday, February 19, 2007

What if !

The possibilities of altering the process, course , end of an event: a thought that is fascinating and at times scary. It isnt a humanly possible thing, most of the time. But being a dreamer by design, I end up doing it all the time. What if it had happened!? You think about for a while, see it in your mind's eye, and smile! I say, thats the most genuine smile u could ever produce. LIke some one said, when you smile when you are alone, it is genuine!

So, what if it could happen? The "IT" in this context could be anything. I would have carried on this basically meaning less conscious dreaming, had I not come across an article on "lucid dreaming". That got me sitting up and thinking.

Some would explain lucid dreaming as "waking up in your dream & gaining control of it". personally, I like that word "lucid". It even sounds so smooth & easy! What if I could get into a dream mode, see something nice, wake up in my dream, and yet am capable to see what i have been seeing!

Lucid dreaming isn't just a staged indulgence played by your next door psychic: it is a scientifically verified phenomenon. Some studies have revealed that lucid dreaming can help people who constantly suffer from night mares.

Even though it has attracted a lot of attention these days, it isnt really new age science. It was in the fifth century that there was one of the earliest written examples of a lucid dream, in a letter written by St. Augustine of Hippo in 415. ( Check out wikipedia for more information on this)

Dreams as we know is the most inexpensive way to take a round-the world-tour! You can also become anyone in your dreams not having to worry about what some body would think of you. But beyond all this, it is a deep well of resources from where you can draw what you want!

Artists, writers, poets: all have used lucid dreaming. Once you have mastered the technique, board the dream wagon: and get down at a scenic spot! Dream away, to come back fresh with ideas, a dozen of them!

Those who engage in competetive sports benefit enormously from lucid dreaming. They visualise them in the competetion and try out what they learned. In the end, they finish by raising their arms in victory! The applications and possibilities of lucid dreaming are end less!

Go ahead! Dream! You would certainly feel better!

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