Monday, November 5, 2007

Mixxed up..

Some stuff is always best left alone.

Humanbeings who evolved as a result of a million years learned a lot of lessons the hard way. often simple but important things.The first time he touched a live ember, he learned that he shouldn't use his naked fingers to do that. The first experience must have been totally convincing. Soon he also learned that he could kill an ember with water. That mix works. But if you combine fire with oil, you have a different result. That lesson must have taken a bit longer to learn.

The evolution, they say, is complete. But we keep making mistakes with some mixing. It all gets mixed up; badly.

Religion is certainly man-made. It is also a universal fact that what ever was made by man, has its flaws. Some times the nice stuff outnumber the flaws to that extent, one wouldn't have to worry much about it.That is when it is wise to quote the first sentence of this blog, again: "Some stuff is best left alone"

Politics, another man made phenomenon, is a universal mixer. It mixes with any thing easily. For eg: it combines with good & bad people with out discrimination. It is no surprise that it mixes so well with politics. The news from my home state Kerala reinstates this fact.(Pardon me, I am too sick & tired to explain it here)

The church in the past has never been shy of politics. In fact it has been everything the politics is now, at one time. More over, the common man who has his own religious ideology is also a part of a secular society. This dual association itself is complicated. The chaos is intensified when the clergy interferes in politics with the same intensity they would show in practising their faith.

How much practical discerning is possible when we try to understand the overlapping realms of religion and politics? Where do we draw the lines?

How justified are our religious leaders who campaign for or against political parties?

Complexities; ambiguities. But if we put people first & the rest second in line; would that put somebody's beliefs in jeopardy? How logical is it to have a combined edition of a holy book and a constitution?

Atleast to me, the relative unimportance of politics in religion is the same as it is in the case of religiousising politics. They both serve humanity. But why should we mix it? This mixed serving is dangerous. Are the servers listening?

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