Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Orkut helped me relish that great feeling once again; to say hello to some people with whom I had lost touch completely. I also got introduced to a few new friends. Incidentally, there were a few other things I noticed about Orkut.

I could be in my early teens, doing my math home work at home, drinking pepsi & wondering when would those nasty braces leave my mouth. But to the world of orkuters, I am "Balding Beelzebub-farting sulphur". Those testimonials submitted by the ones who adore me, describe me as the hottest thing next to lava. I still wet my bed at night but my "about me" is steamy stuff & my hobbies/passions include walking with the dead & playing poker with them. My display pic will curdle your screams.

It would be a criminal waste of time for me to read newspapers but my "book list" has Alisdair McIntyre,GJ Warnock and a few other names that I dont understand. I am the member of 969 communities including "Baby-maker for hire", moderator for a few dozen and hey; I am just getting started !

The last time I ever contributed to any community was when I responded to some guy who explained in detail about what he would do to my wife if I continued saying "sup dude!" for no apparent reason. I stopped with my first response. My other friend sounded serious enough to be noticed, respected.

I scrap like ducks crap & forward stuff to others as if my bloomin life depended on it. When my dad cut my net connection for 1 week for absconding from math tuition, I informed the rest of the world that "Im away neutering dragons". When I got my PC back I let the world know so that they may sleep again.

I host intellectually stimulating polls that draw orkuters by truck loads. My "Barsoap-moist or slippery?" scored a record million hits! (and still counting!)

Next week I will be "Hellbent-not straight". The week after I shall be "Copperhead casanova". I have it all written down. I love Orkut. It's so cool dude! What say u?

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