Thursday, October 16, 2008

The true portrait

What would you do if you have been invited to your friend's place and find out that he/she isn't there? How would you feel if you were served a grand meal but by their servant and your friend was present only through a portrait hanging on the wall?

UAE boasts of the presence of all major hotel chains. Some hotels have more than 60 nationalities working under the same roof. That is like a slice of the whole planet placed under one roof.

Most hotel advertisements talk of unadulterated "Arab hospitality" served under great ambience. I wonder.....

Whether you are in Thailand, Swaziland or Newzealand, when you arrive at a hotel, any where else in the world you are welcomed by some one from the same country. Atleast the one who opens the door for you is from there. In UAE; if you meet a national at the door, it is because he/she is checking out from the hotel. There are no nationals from this country who work in hotels.

The famed Arab hospitality is served by Indians, Srilankans, Filipinos, Lebanese, Russian, European, American etc etc.

The food isn't cooked by them. The rooms aren't maintained by them. The guests aren't looked after by them. The hospitality you experience in these hotels isn't Arab hospitality. It is Indian, Filipino, Lebanese hospitality that you enjoy.

I would like to receive my guests in person when I welcome them to my place. When would some one receive the famed true Arab hospitality in this beautiful country? When will a local Arab replace those portraits hanging on the wall? I hope it happens soon.

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