Monday, March 23, 2009

Tattoos, sand, stuff

If I sit down and start making a list of things I wanted to do; it would definitely be a pretty long list. But if I ever sit down and make a list of things I once started and never completed, that list would be longer. "Keep this blog alive" would be one item I wouldn't want to see in that second list.

Holy cow! It was in December that I scribbled something on this page!

Why didn't I do something about it? Was it the lack of a topic? Lack of time or a reason to write again? Laziness?

How ever in the last three months I had tried quite a few things; a second attempt at a few other things; but never completed or continued any.

The list of the new accomplishments read like this:
- Started going to the gym after 3 years. (I wonder why...I always seem to lose weight when my intention was to gain a few kilos)
- Started working on my life ambition. Write a movie-script (So much talent in this world is lost for the want of a little courage; wouldn't you agree?)
- Went Dune-bashing. Loved it. Would like to do more next winter. (Though I had a tough time washing the sand out of every hole on my body)
- Added half an inch to my waist line. Didn't want it; but came in handy because this country doesn't sell jeans that fits my sexy waist.
- Got a tattoo (I must be the skinniest guy on earth with a tattoo. Thank God they had small designs)

The list of stuff that I started and stopped were:
- Stopped going to the Gym after 1 month. Didnt gain/lose any weight. Lost 2 months fees that I paid in advance. I must accept a fact; I am genetically incapable of putting on weight; I may have to find another motive to visit the Gym (?)
- Stopped working on my movie script after 3 pages: Writer's block (You've heard that before)
- Get that date to get that UAE driving license: two days leave, two attempts. Result was the same. The counter will close by the time I have finished waiting for 6hours. They said they don't have enough staff. Emirates Driving(me-up-the-wall)Company &*#@*holes....May u all be bit by rabid camels...
- Save some money. I save some, I spend some more. It is like building sand castles on the beach. Wave one; zero castle. What is wrong with me, Mr Robert Kiyosaki?

Shall write more soon; that's very likely. I have this tear jerker on my mind. Kind of a personal experience soaked in sobs and cold fury.
Title: "Trying to sleep in the same room with 6 guys who snore"
Keep watching this space....

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