Sunday, September 19, 2010

The monkey who sold his ferrari


I leap from branch to branch. If a branch snaps, it isn't my problem. The branch should have known better. After all, the Almighty created branches to support me.

I take a fruit from here; some from there. I may taste two, eat one, throw the rest. The fruit serves its purpose in life by serving my hunger. The seeds that get caught in between my teeth; well they shouldn't be there at all. They made a mistake. They wouldn't make it again.

I enjoy early mornings, moody mid days and lazy afternoons; picking lice, scratching where it itches and grooming my tail. If I don't do it, who else would do ? If you don't have a tail, don't blame me. Some are born with it; some wish they had one.

Some things work. Some don't. Like the ones who tried teaching me alphabets at the zoo. Hey humans; you guys have way too many alphabets! Why complicate life when you have simpler options? Peel the banana, throw the peel, eat the banana. Or when confused, throw the banana, eat the peel. If it tastes like crap; bite your hand. Grimace. Grab another banana. Repeat.

Some things move. Some do not. I wish the tree would move when ever I wanted so that I don't have to move my ass at all.Trees are born dumb. All they do is stay at one place and sway.And the ripe fruits are always at the farthest branch.Humbug!

I have a personality. But I don't know why is it so amusing for the kids. They look at me and laugh. I can't stand what I saw once in the mirror but my consultant told me that it was the mirror's fault. I hate mirrors. Oh wait!..I hate kids more.

I hope one day the fruits will present themselves in a platter to me. I hope the trees will move at my command. I hope bananas will peel themselves. I hope they ban mirrors.I hope I will live for ever.

I am a monkey. I love being one. And I read Dale Carnegie. It is cool.

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