Monday, July 9, 2007

may i shake your hand?

I am employed; but that doesn't mean that I am working hard. Save the frown buddy, I know that u also do that sometimes. Anyways, one such day i started browsing aimlessly and stumbled upon "handshakes". It got me thinking...regretting...plotting...wondering..

Your hand shake provides clues to your personality; well..we've heard that before. You know that aggressive people have firm handshakes. I remember times when i could hear the bones in my palm cracking. Why?..because the other guy also had read about it & apparently wanted to let me know who was the boss. So puny lil me invented my come-back-thing; I stamp him on his feet & say something silly like, "hey u got big shoes man!!" (never tried this so far & u Know y )

"People with low self esteem often have a limp handshake. Politicians typically shake your hand with their other hand covering the shake or holding your elbow. Domineering men often squeeze the hand of women during a greeting"
Are't we missing something here?
My hand shake had been limp sometimes due to the following reasons:
-because I didnt want to shake a hand in the first place. why again? because it depends what "the hand" had been doing until then.If u r still in doubt about what am I saying, observe taxi drivers in abu dhabi.I'm not being discriminative here, just stating a fact. i would shake their hand only if Im wearing disposable gloves.
-my hand shake could be limp because i read about the lady who sued this guy for sexual harassment. why? because he "pressed" her too hard..

well domineering men often squeeze your hand..right?
I do not know, may be a lady can answer that better. But is it always "dominance" that they portray when they do that? Haven't u seen men who can't seem to let go a lady's hand after the shake is over? The "your-hand-is-mine" type. The dominating one's pale in comparison with these schmucks in the irritant-factor.

"The clever woman moves her index and little finger in toward her palm preventing a crushing handshake"
If she is clever, she should just let the guy know. What do u think?

Another interesting read was the masonic hand shakes. If you need to complicate a simple hand shake, guys, give it up for the freemasons! They do a lot f stuff with their hands..(no pun intended)Google it for more info..!

And then I came across the terminology: The wet one(we are talking of sweat here,boy), the softy(kinda girlish, yeah), the tipsy(poor in quality), the sqeezy(self explanatory)& the homey(i didn't get the spelling wrong here: this one is a tricky hand shake; what ever that means)

And finally folks, here is my contribution to the world of handshakes: if it was necessary..

How to deal with hand shakes that r funny, uncomfortable, painful. LET THEM KNOW. ask them whether they do it like that all the time. It should get the message across.

Here are a few other types of handshakes that I think is worth mentioning..
The glue: refer the paragraph on the guys who "never-gonna-let-u-go"
The crafty: You never really would understand what happened unless you do it "slowly" a second time.for eg: after the shake, ur ring is missing..
The bolt: The guy lifts his entire hand high above his shoulder and whacks it down on ur unsuspecting palm & it smarts for the next 8 hours
The enigma: U r pretty sure that there was something in that hand that u shook & u keep smelling your hand till you find a wash basin.
The pulse: The guy presses your palm & then lets go & then does it again every alternate second till its over.
The nest: HE just covers your palm with both his (huge) hands and protects it from light, wind, other guests etc for a minute.A fatherly smile is optional.
The orphan: The strangest of all. You are shaking "his" hand but he is talking to some body else, smiling at some one else etc. He still hasnt spotted u because he is important, he is busy & sure he would see u. Till then u are supposed to take care of his precious palm.

Did u ever come across a different one? pls let me know. information shared is a life saved.

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