Sunday, August 5, 2007

Excuse me!

"Iam sorry sir; I swallowed my pen & I couldnt complete that write up u asked me to do"

I would love to write a book on excuses; and then I would name it "1001 excuses". May be I will come up with different versions intended for different market segments. for eg: "The ultimate excuse collection for the employee" or "Excuses for dummies"

I am dreaming of making a lot of money, yes Iam! What do u think? A book like that should be a hot pick!

Iam actually counting on my experience as a student and later as a teacher to provide me with content for this book. These 2 roles gave me the right perspective to approach excuses. Right,left,wrong...Iam not sure. But it was interesting. The following is a sneak peak into this literary marvel in the making..

Excuses are life-savers. U just have to ake sure that they are made available all the time; just like all life-savers. The most common types u may need are the following:

No time: If you dread saying "Oh I dont think I have the time for that", you could use a stylish alternative like: "It is amazing how you managed to do that within your tight schedule. Could I borrow your watch?"

Dont know: If you do not like to say "I do not know", rephrase it. How about, "I used to do it before. But as I learned more important skills, I can't remember much of these things these days. But I know that u are different, so......" (let it hang in there..!)

No money: This one is easy. "Oops, has anyone seen my wallet? cos i haven't!"

Disclaimer: Most of the excuses never really worked for me. But that shouldn't stop u from trying out a few or from, yeah!, buying my book! After all life is about trying out different things! Some of them will work for sure. Keep faith..

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