Saturday, June 22, 2013 (originally written on Nov 28, 2009)

I will build a house on facebook.

It will have nice pictures of pretty girls on the walls that people will like. They could look in through the open curtains and comment.

The backyard will always be full of ripe strawberry and yellow pumpkin gardens.In the porch I will have turkeys and a baby elephant.

Every hour, a girl in blue and white will pass by to tell me if my luck will change or not.She just told me that a neighbour will adopt all my illegitimate children.

When I feel bored I will race a red monster on the dirt track and throw gravel into the eyes of pedestrians. When I am pissed, I will empty a Madsen M50 into a cafe and watch the crimson river flow down the drain.

When I feel benevolent I will join a hundred causes, wear my heart on my sleeve, pin a pink ribbon and forget all about it. 

When I am happy, I will invite a big eyed socialite over for tea cakes and muffins. She will ask me if I would donate money for sea-turtle preservation and I would slowly nudge the interviewer's feet under the table in assurance.

When there is romance in the air, I would change my marital status, search the net for sweet nothings to say in her ears and hope she doesn't notice my over sized ears.

One day I will kiss you with a click.

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