Saturday, June 22, 2013

Subliminal (originally written on May 30, 2010)


"I can see that you are interested in this painting"

"You talkin to me?"

"Well..there's no one else around!"

"..which never implies that you were "talking" to me. I must have simply heard the words uttered by you..and you must be in the habit of talking to yourself".

"Isn't it tiring to explain things like that quite pointlessly?"

"It's pointless and tiring to talk to some one when that person isn't interested in a conversation at all."

"I get the message. Good day to you"

"Oh don't be upset! I was just kidding!" 


"Well....I do this to every stranger who tries to get me into a conversation".

"So you are used to having strangers approaching you for a conversation? I am sure that they all must be keeping away after the first experience"

"I don't know. May be you could tell me laters"

"Why do you think I may see you again?"

"You will...I know. I see you staring at my chest"

"Oh..well...I was just..trying to read what was written on your tee..."

"Its alright. I know. It says "Look at me"

"Oh says so!...So you see..its quite natural that I stared at it"

"You could say that..but there is another reason"


"Look closer!"


"Hey....are you really trying to read?...or just chekin me out?"

"Now that was uncalled for. YOU asked to look close"

"Its alright! You are supposed to. Among the words , there's a hidden text that says "Busty". Can you see?"

"Well you certainly are..but I can't see the words!"

"One out of five can't see it. But it would still make you look".

"I think I will have to agree".

"That I am busty?"

"No!....I think the hidden message works"

"You think so?"

"Yes....and.... guess what! I have a hidden message too!"

"Where?....You are wearing a plain white shirt and jeans!"

"Yes...but look into my eyes!"

" are right! there is something in there...and it says "loser"...!

"Not surprised at all. One out of five gets it wrong"

"So what does it say?"

"It says "a rivuLET runS and MAKEs its way aLOng the riVEr"

"Do you mind if I appreciate this oil painting here?"

"See! we make the other 2 out of the five!"

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